Polina Zinchenko


Polina Zinchenko 

MIB-2015 (CEMS)
McKinsey & Company


According to my experience of communicating with other graduates from other Russian business schools, I can say that the main advantage of the GSOM is similar to the schools with a worldwide reputation, students here receive huge bonuses. This is a close community of students and graduates, direct contacts with representatives of the largest companies, the opportunity to spend a semester or year abroad, as well as get a world-class diploma. In particular, the double degree program CEMS - is recognized worldwide as a sign of the quality of business education. Enrolling in this program, I had the opportunity to work in an IT company in Germany, to write the diploma on the application of new technologies in business, to join the international community in the best business students from around the world and make friends from all continents!

In addition, during training at the Graduate School of Management, I purposefully participated in various business games. Besides being able to apply your knowledge in practice, these games allow you to connect with other smart, talented and ambitious people, who are definitely the future of Russian business. As rivals or members of the same team, it is impossible not to fall under the influence of dedication and talent of your colleagues and not to become better!

A nice bonus - it is an opportunity to get a job in your dream company. While participating in a case-championship McKinsey Business Diving I was noticed by the company's partners and was invited for an interview . After this I was invited to work in a large consulting company!

I would like to note that the experience, connections and knowledge gained in the Graduate School of Management - an asset which value will increase with years. The small size of the school ensures tightness links between students and graduates, gained experience and skills allow to get the best offers in the largest companies, and to move up any career ladder!