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Student Exchange Program




There are many ways of organizing and financing your study abroad. It is important to investigate all possibilities and to begin planning early. You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is my reason for study abroad?
  • Where would I like to study?
  • During which semester of my study program can I go abroad?
  • Which courses do I want to take/must I take?
  • How can I finance my trip and stay abroad?
  • What courses or other activities can I participate in that will help me to develop the individual profile I need for the future career I am aiming for?
  • Is my language sufficient for study abroad?


Preparation for a period of study abroad will require considerable time. You should use this opportunity to design a study program which best suits your own academic interests.  

List of business schools/universities - participants of the GSOM student exchange program.




Applications of outgoing students are considered, primarily, in terms of the academic progress (GPA) and the level of English language, which is evaluated by the TOEFL/IELTS results.  

Who can apply for student exchange program? Applications are accepted from the 2nd and the 3rd year Bachelor students, as well as from the 1st year Master students.

Master students can also participate in competition for CEMS MIM program or other Double Degree programs.




  1. Searching for information about universities and business schools. 
  2. Application Form and supporting documents.
  3. Study Abroad Competition.


Searching for information about universities/business schools:

It is very important that you look into the schools carefully to make sure that they offer the courses you need to take in order to get a full credit transfer.

We recommend you to visit web-sites of the GSOM academic partners where it is possible to find updated information about the school itself and the courses it provides.


Application form and supporting documents: 

As soon as you decide which business schools you are interested in, it is necessary to get all the required documents for your study abroad.

For participation in competition you need to make the following steps: 

a) Fill in the Application Form. 

b) Submit the required documents (in English). The full list of documents for Bachelor students and Master students is specified below:

Bachelor students:  

  1. Application form with a list of five preferences.
  2. TOEFL results, min 79, or IELTS results, min 6.0.  
  3. Transcript of records containing all obtained grades during Bachelor studies. 
  4. Motivation letter with reasons for your first choice of a business school (aprox. 1800 sign including spaces).
  5. CV. 
  6. Certificates and results of professional competitions and scientific conferences.
  7. Copy of your passport, which expires not earlier than six months after the end of your study abroad period. 

Master students:

  1. Application form with a list of five preferences.
  2. CV. 
  3. Certificates and results of professional competitions and scientific conferences.
  4. Copy of your passport, which expires not earlier than six months after the end of your study abroad period.      


Study Abroad Competition: 

After all application forms are submitted, commission session is held, where the main decision is made on distribution of students to the business schools. The decision is made according to the students’ ranking. If the number of students who are applying for the same school is more than the number of places available under the agreement, students with lower ranking have an opportunity to choose another school besides the ones specified in the application. 



After you find out the results of the competition, you should: 

  1. Get an Invitation Letter from the host business school in the International Office. 
  1. Before departure you should fill in a specialized application form, Learning agreement and application for credit transfer. All these documents have to be signed by the student and approved by the Educational Programs Director. 
  2. In case of any changes made in the list of courses during the exchange studies period one should get the approval for new courses at GSOM SPbU by filling in the form of changes to Learning agreement which should be also signed the host university.




Within 3 working days after the arrival to the Russian Federation a student should submit an application to the International office (Volkhovsky per, 3, ofice 207). The application should be signed by a manager of Bachelor or Master Program.  

Application (Bachelor Programs)
Application (Master Programs)


The relevant files to be completed before and after exchange semester can be downloaded from the Documents section of the web-site.




Visa registration  

After you get an official invitation from the host school you should independently submit all the required documents to the Consulate/Embassy of the country of destination to get a student visa.

List of Embassies/Consulates. 

Business School grants

Grants which are provided by different organizations in different countries