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Before you go abroad

After you have passed the selection procedures at GSOM and before you go abroad for exchange studies you must prepare and submit to the International office the pack of documents which include:

  • The letter of invitation from the host university. As a rule, letters of invitation are sent directly to the International Office, (Volkhovsky per. 3. of. 207). Sometimes the invitations are sent directly to the student`s postal address. So, please, keep in touch with the host university you`re applying for in order to track your letter of invitation and not to miss any important information.
  • Predstavleniye*
  • The learning agreement


*Predstavleniye is an official form issued by SPbU, it contains student`s personal data, the information about the host university and a student`s study plan for the period of exchange program.


Both predstavleniye and the learning agreement must be filled out and verified by the student and the academic director of a student`s study program. The courses which a student selects for studying during his exchange must be relevant to the study program at GSOM, only in this case the results of the exchange program can be accepted at GSOM and transferred to your diploma.

Please remember that the principles of assessing the results of student exchange programs are different for bachelor and master students. Please contact the International office for more information.

Please note that you can go abroad for exchange studies only if you don`t have fails after the semester exams at GSOM.

The students who study at GSOM on a fee-paying basis must pay their tuition fee before they start exchange program.