Corvinus University (Hungary)

The Corvinus University of Budapest is specialized in teaching economics, but since 2000 it has incorporated other universities as well.
The education of economics and commerce started in Hungary in 1763, but the immediate forerunner of this university was established in 1920 as the Faculty of Economics of the Royal Hungarian University. The faculty bore the term 'university' in its name, but it had a separate, independent organization. In 1953 it was renamed Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences; in 1991, Budapest University of Economic Sciences; in 2000, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (BUESPA, with the integration of the latter college); and with the University of Horticulture joining, it finally received its present name in 2003. 
Today's education
Today it has 7 faculties:
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Public Administration
  • Faculty of Horticultural Science
  • Faculty of Food Science
  • Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Protection and Development

As of 2003 (before the joining of the agricultural university), the university had 620 teachers and 16537 students, and 2721 students graduated in that year. In 2006 it has in total 17000 students. — The education takes place not only in Hungarian but in English as well in several of the programs, and many of the university's students come from other countries than Hungary.

Information source: University/School web-site