Business School University of Mannheim (Germany)

Business School University of Mannheim was founded in 1969 and traces its beginnings directly back to the department for economic and social sciences which was a part of Mannheim's College of Trade.
Today, with 21 fully ordained professors, more than 100 additional faculty members, and over 4000 students, the Business School University of Mannheim is the largest of Mannheim's eight schools and one of the most renowned business schools in Germany. The school's high esteem is reflected in the yearly number of applications as well as in the number of students enrolled in the School's programs.
The curriculum for business administration takes approximately four and a half years to complete and is divided into undergraduate (Grundstudium) and graduate (Hauptstudium) studies comprising four to five semesters respectively.
The undergraduate studies (Grundstudium) are designed to impart general knowledge in the areas of business administration, economics, private and trade law, mathematics, statistics, and computer sciences. During graduate studies (Hauptstudium) this general knowledge is deepened and students are required to specialise in two areas of business administration.
In view of the continued increase of globalisation in business the Mannheim Business School at the University of Mannheim started offering the additional international specialisation "Business Administration with an intercultural qualification" in the winter term 1990/1991.

Triple accreditation

Business School University of Mannheim has acquired the “triple crown” of accreditation, after the UK-based Association of MBAs accredited both its full time MBA program and the executive MBA it runs jointly with Essec School in France.
Mannheim already holds accreditation from the US-based AACSB and Equis accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development, which has its headquarters in Brussels.
“The ‘triple crown’ is a high award and a further confirmation that we offer management education at an internationally top level,” says Christian Homburg, president of the school.