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Arthur Schultz Campus in the Center of Saint Petersburg


Currently the historical building on Volkhovskiy pereulok serves as a GSOM SPbU administrative and academic campus. The building hosts the GSOM management, directions of master, PhD, MBA and EMBA programs, scientific research centers, library, canteen and other services.  The modern fully equipped classrooms are reserved for master, PhD, MBA and EMBA students.  




the building serves as the main GSOM building 

235 year old


the first mansion of Savva Yakovlev, millionaire, owner of Ural mines (Volkhovskiy pereulok, 1) 

12 million $ +


the fundraising campaign of the International Advisory Board collected for the restoration of the historical building



seats in the classrooms of the renewed building 



The Ceremonial Hall (room 309) 

  • 90 seats
  • Screen and projector
  • Sync translation system  
  • Air conditioner  
  • Additional equipment (microphones, plasma panels etc.)
  • Historical interior
  • Coffee-breaks in the adjoining room





Round Table Hall (room 305)

  • Round table for 20 persons
  • In-built plasma panels
  • Microphones
  • Historical interior





Room 403

  • 60 seats  
  • Screen and projector  
  • Additional equipment (microphones, plasma panels, sync translation system etc.)
  • Air conditioner
  • Historical interior (authentic brick laying and wooden beams)
  • Coffee-breaks




Classical History

  • The history of buildings on Volkhovskiy pereulok is a bright case reflecting the cultural panorama of Saint Petersburg, its architectural styles and remarkable personalities.
  • Savva Yakovlev, Russian millionaire, owner of Ural mines and iron works, had built its first stone mansion on Volkhovskiy pereulok, 1  in 1770 – 1780.  He didn’t like the baroque style, popular during the reign of Catherine II, having preferred the dawning classicism.  
  • In 1796 the heirs of Savva Yakovlev erected the stone 3-story building at the neighboring area. In 1806 two buildings were united in one. 
  • After the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 the mansions were nationalized. First, they hosted a hospital, then a military unit, in 1923 – Museum of Moribund Cult. The Museum collected icons, churchware, books withdrawn from closing churches and cathedrals of St. Petersburg.
  • In 1928 both buildings were given to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1935 they hosted the Institute of Cements, its development and technical departments, laboratories and workshops. Unfortunately, all this along with water leakages damaged significantly the historical interiors.    
  • In 1996 St. Petersburg Administration handed over the buildings to St. Petersburg University specifically for the purposes of the faculty of management.



On behalf of the future students we express our gratitude to many friends of the SPbU faculty of management.

The table of donations made from 1996 till 2006:


$ 5 million +

  • Government of the Russian Federation


$ 1 000 000 – 4 999 999

  • Arthur B. Schultz Foundation (USA)


$500 000 – 999 999

  • Open Society Institute (Soros Fund)


$250 000 – 499 999

  • John and Francie Pepper (USA)
  • Honeywell, Inc. (USA)
  • The Procter & Gamble Co. (USA)
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation (USA)
  • Archer Daniels Midland Co. (USA)


$100 000 – 249 999

  • Sergey V. Bazhanov (Russia)
  • Gazprombank (Russia)
  • The Gillette Co. (USA)
  • Alpha Bank (Russia)


$ 50 000 – 99 999

  • ICT Group (Russia)
  • Slotex (Russia)
  • Ecotek Group (Russia)
  • Henkel KGaA (Germany)
  • L’Oréal (France)
  • United Technologies Corp. (USA)
  • Norway Ministry of Foreign Affairs


$10 000 – 49 999

  • Peter А. Jacoby (USA)
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc. (USA)
  • Time Warner Co. (USA)
  • Court Room TV (USA)
  • BusinessLink Group (Russia)
  • Joseph Ricci (USA)
  • Donald M. Kendall (USA)
  • Rakurs Scientific Production Firm (Russia)
  • Norsk Hydro ASA (Norway)
  • Richard T. Bears (USA)


$ 500 – 9 999

  • STAR SPB, Ltd. (Russia)
  • Levi Strauss & Co. (USA)
  • Susanne M. Campbell (USA)
  • Würt Co. (Germany)
  • Coudert Brothers, Inc. (France - USA)