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Members Sharing Sessions


The main theme of the forthcoming EBSLG Conference “Library Redesign for the Next User Generation” has been selected to emphasize the main objective of the event of seeking solutions to the various challenges generated by the new user generation through the joint expertise of library professionals. Your opinion about current and future approaches to the new generation users and general redesign in different fields of library practice is very important for us.


The Members Sharing Sessions 5 major topics are given below.

- New user generation – what is their library vision?
- New user generation – what approaches to use in library service redesign for them?
- New user generation – how do they affect the library acquisition policy?
- New user generation – new goals, concepts and design of the library space for their needs?
- Have you been involved in an interesting project of library redesign recently?


If you wouldn’t mind sharing your experiences with other EBSLG members on one of these topics or any issues closely related to them please send an email to Elena Kosareva (