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Amadeus Bureau van Dijk




Amadeus is a source of comprehensive information on more than 24 million companies, including private ones, across Europe.

It contains:
• General company information such as contact details, year of incorporation, trade descriptions, number of employees, ownership, main products and services, etc.;
• Company-related news;
• Company financials in a standard format ;
• M&A deals and rumours;
• Industry profiles that indicate the leading companies;
• Stock prices for listed companies.


Bureau van Dijk Consultant: Maria Solovyeva T +7 495 228 61 51  |  E-mail
Data format: HTML
Publisher: Bureau van Dijk
Subscription period: January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019
Language: English
Access details: the database is accessible from GSOM library computers only (using ID and Password)