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ZEPHYR Bureau van Dijk




ZEPHYR is a comprehensive database of deal information.
It contains information on M&A, IPO, private equity and venture capital deals. There are links to the detailed financial information on the companies involved in the deals. This is sourced from BvD's range of company information databases
ZEPHYR contains information on rumours as well as announced and completed deals.

  • Unrivalled coverage - more details are being added to ZEPHYR than similar deal databases
  • Bespoke editorial - our team of journalists brings you their views on the latest rumours
  • End user designed access - ZEPHYR has an access designed for desktop access based on typical end user queries. It's very simple to use and tailor
  • Verified data - deals are verified against a primary source
  • Translated - all deal information is translated into English. ZEPHYR's UK-based researchers speak over 20 languages. An Asian-based team sources and translates Asian deals
  • Integrated financials - links to complementary on BvD's company information products
  • Flexible alerts - intelligent alerts can track deals for you
  • League tables - you can use our wizards to create them quickly or tailored options to create your own more sophisticated versions


Bureau van Dijk Consultant: Lisan Sultanshina+7 495 228 60 92  |  E-mail
Data format: HTML
Publisher: Bureau van Dijk
Subscription period: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Language: English
Access details: the ZEPHYR database is accessible from GSOM Library computers only (using ID anf Password)