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Russian Management Journal


Russian Management Journal

The Russian Management Journal (RMJ) is the first Russian academic journal in the field of general and strategic management.


Russian Management Journal is a peer-reviewed quarterly academic journal dedicated to exchanging the findings of scholars & practitioners in all aspects of management of organizations with emphasis on studies devoted to emerging markets. The journal was established by the Saint Petersburg State University on the initiative of its Graduate School of Management.


The mission of the Russian Management Journal is the creation and constant renovation of an interaction medium for various categories of international authors and readers. Such a medium should support a comprehensive range of views and management research topics and stimulate the fruitful exchange of knowledge about the principles and mechanisms of management of modern organizations, as well as approaches to achievement of competitive advantages in international markets.


Publishing first-class papers that meet world-class standards as regards their concepts, research design & techniques is the top priority of the Russian Management Journal.


The Russian Management Journal publishes both research papers and practice-oriented case studies exploring management practices of particular companies operating in emerging and global markets.


In its editorial policy RMJ will give preference to the original theoretical and empirical studies dealing with important subject areas of contemporary management research, such as:

  • strategic management;
  • economic and social principles of corporate behavior in emerging markets;
  • concepts and methods of effective corporate management;
  • management of knowledge and innovation in modern organizations;
  • corporate finance;
  • value-based management;
  • risk management strategies and real options;
  • marketing and relationship marketing;
  • management of organizational change;
  • management in country-specific institutional and legal context;
  • vertical integration and interfirm networks;
  • corporate governance and managers motivation mechanisms;
  • social responsibility of business;



  • Alexander V. Bukhvalov, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • David J. Teece, Haas School of Business, University of California (Berkeley), USA


The Editorial Board of the journal is formed from the leading researchers from the top scientific and training centers in the field of management in Russia: Graduate School of Management SPbSU; Higher School of Economics (Moscow); Moscow State University; Central Economics & Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences; Financial University under the Government of Russia. The International Academic Advisory Board of the RMJ represents the prominent scientists from the leading universities and business schools of Russia, USA, Europe and Japan.


RMJ in Russian Science Citation Index

The impact factor indices of academic journals are the world-wide used tool for the assessment of the level of scientific publications and research output. These indices are estimated on the base of data about the number of citations of articles published in the given journal.

The Russian Science Citation Index is the first attempt to estimate the impact factors of the Russian-language academic journals. The RSCI’s database covers about 2500 academic journals on all scientific disciplines.

Russian Management Journal holds the 1st place in RSCI list of impact factors of Russian-language managerial journals (impact factor is 1,819 on 15.04.2015). See,



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