Doctoral Colloquium

Doctoral Colloquium is a specific track of the “GSOM Emerging Markets Conference-2016” in a form of a seminar & paper development workshop. The idea is to provide a platform for learning, discussion and receiving constructive feedback to achieve progress in preparing high quality publications. Colloquium will include sessions with leading academics on theory building and making theoretical contribution, preparing top level academic publications, as well as paper development sessions with thorough feedback and discussion.



The aims of the Doctoral Colloquium include the following:

  • encouraging doctoral students in their research efforts by providing advice on work in progress and direct feedback from peers as well as senior researchers
  • facilitating networking and discussions among doctoral students and researchers
  • providing advice on writing a good dissertation and an article to an international journal


Doctoral Colloquium is targeting Ph.D. students at any stage of their studies and doctoral thesis development. Submitted papers should relate to the topic of Research in Management in the Context of Emerging Markets in the areas of Management, Strategy, Corporate Governance, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Finance.


Accepted candidates for the Doctoral Colloquium will submit a full text of research paper on his/her dissertation and give a 20-25 minutes presentation followed by a feedback discussion. In order to encourage workshop interaction, all attendees will be chosen as discussant for one of the presentations.  


The submission criteria for Doctoral Colloquium papers are the same as for other academic papers. However, participants in the Doctoral Colloquium are asked to submit papers related to their dissertation. All the papers will be published in conference proceedings and therefore they should be in the format of an academic research paper. Regarding the presentation it is encouraged that authors position their papers or ideas into a wider setting of their dissertation.



When submitting your abstract, please indicate clearly if you are submitting your work for the Doctoral Colloquium.



The Doctoral Colloquium will be take place on October, 4th-5th, 2016.

Doctoral Colloquium registration fee: 350 EUR (before August 31, 2016), 500 EUR (after August 31, 2016). Doctoral Colloquium registration fee includes free admittance to the conference during October, 6th-8th 2016.

Paper submissions for the Doctoral Colloquium are due on May 11th, 2016.




October 4, 2016

10:00-18:00 Learning sessions

October 5, 2016

10:00-15:00 Paper development session with feedback and discussion

15:00-18:00 Session on publishing in peer reviewed journals

October 6-8, 2016

All-day Main Conference

Doctoral Colloquium participants are warmly invited to actively participate in the conference and continue to meet with your research cohorts as scheduled.



Doctoral Seminar Coordinators: 

Maria M. Smirnova (, St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management

Anna V. Menshikova (, St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management