Paying registration fee online


Registration Fee for Best Papers: 250 EUR

Regular Registration Fee: 400 EUR (before August 31, 2016), 450 EUR (after August 31, 2016),

Doctoral Student Registration Fee: 250 EUR (before August, 2016), 300 EUR (after August 31, 2016)

Doctoral Colloquium Registration Fee: 350 EUR (before August 31, 2016), 500 EUR (after August 31, 20



How to pay:


Pay with credit card (Visa/MasterCard, except for Visa Electron и Maestro/Cirrus)


Paying through invoice


NB! There is an additional fee of 2.9% of the payment amount


To pay the registration fee by credit card you must go by the link below to the bank homepage, where:


1. Fill in “Payer name and surname” (enter the full name without abbreviations);


2. Fill in “Payer address”


3. Fill in “Event code”:  16.19.1126.2016


4. Fill in “Amount of payment”


5. Press the “SUBMIT” button;


6. Follow the instructions;


7. After a successful payment please send a notification to the organizational committee by e-mail:



Payment page >>


If you have not received an invoice for registration fee by e-mail please send  a request to the organizational committee: