GSOM/Management and Organization Review Emerging Scholar Consortium on Reviewing for and Publishing in Leading International Journals


Note: Participation in the workshop requires registration and additional task fulfillment!






Professor Carl Fey, deputy editor of Management and Organization Review (ABS level 3 international journal)



When and where:

October 5, 2017; 4.15 p.m., room 1209

(Mikhailovaskaya Dacha campus)


About the event:


During this workshop Professor Fey will provide participants with an understanding of the review process and tips for publishing in leading international journals.  Much of the workshop, which will be very interactive, will be spent following a paper through the review process and explaining how to write a good review of an article.  This is a good way not only to learn about how to do a good review which is an important skill for an international scholar, but also to develop an understanding of what reviewers and editors look for in a paper, to develop an understanding of what one should do and not do in writing a paper to increase your chances of getting the paper accepted.




Participants will be given a paper to review in advance of the workshop and then in the workshop we will follow the paper through different rounds of the review process discussing what we can learn from the problems which were raised and how the author addressed or did no addressed them.  Errors to avoid in order to increase your chances of getting your paper accepted at a good international journal will also be discussed. The workshop aims to be very practical and topical for Russian scholars as Management and Organizational Review journal is now actively interested in publishing Russian management research.


Target audience:


Scholars of all levels (from doctoral students to professors) are welcomed to attend this event.




To apply to attend the event please send your short academic CV (in English or Russian) by September 15, 2017 to Eleonora Shmeleva ( with a copy to Professor Carl Fey(

Upon registration you will get a copy of an article to be read and reviewed in advance of the session. The reviews should be sent to Professor Carl Fey before October 2, 2017. Please, bring the printed version of the review to the seminar.


Working language:


The workshop will be conducted in English as it focuses on publishing in English-language international journals, however, participants with a strong interest in doing quality research who have weaker English skills are welcomed to attend the event and should feel free to ask questions they have during the event in Russian.





Eleonora Shmeleva, workshop coordinator



Tel.: +7 812 323 84 64