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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is an annual assessment of the national level of entrepreneurial activity and the world’s foremost study of entrepreneurship.

GEM began in 1999 as a joint project between Babson College (USA) and London Business School (UK). Nowadays GEM is an association of universities, business schools and research centers around the world for collection and sharing of information on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship activity.

GEM project helps to raise the awareness of the authorities in matters of entrepreneurship and to adjust their policies regarding the development of entrepreneurship in many countries of the world. In particular, it influences decision-making on such issues as regional development, education, innovation policy, financing of small and medium-sized businesses, reducing administrative barriers to entrepreneurship, etc. GEM is a trusted resource on entrepreneurship for key international organizations like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Bank, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), providing custom datasets, special reports and expert opinion.


In numbers, GEM is:


20 years

almost 20 years of data



interviews a year






specialists in entrepreneurship research



academic and research institutions



funding institutions


In each economy, GEM looks at two elements:

1 The entrepreneurial behavior and attitudes of individuals
2 The national context and how that impacts entrepreneurship


The information gained, carefully analyzed by local GEM researchers, allows a deep understanding of the environment for entrepreneurship and provides valuable insights. The uniqueness of such monitoring is a cross-cultural approach to understanding of entrepreneurship in different countries, providing of information and measuring of business activity in the global context.  

Russia has been part of the project since 2006 and is represented by Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg University research team.

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GEM Russia team


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International publications based on GEM data can be found on GEM official web-page.