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  • Round table “Social Entrepreneurship: New Opportunities for St.Petersburg”

  • International Research Seminar of the Center for Strategic Marketing and Innovations SPbU GSOM



  • CEMS Marketing Faculty Group Meeting

  • International Research Seminar “Theories and Experimental Evidence on Nonmonetary Motivation”

  • Round Table “Priority Transport Solutions” based on a study of the media holding RBC



  • Round Table: “Who Will Pay for the Future? Sources of Regional Economic Development: Growth Points, Growth Conditions, Tools to Support Growth”

  • International Research Seminar “Problematizing Language in International Business Research: Beyond Equivalence”

  • Presentation of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Russia 2012 Results



  • Aalto University School of Business and St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management Research Seminar

  • Open lecture by Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Robert Aumann

  • Round Table “Corporate philanthropy today: directions and forms”



  • International Research Seminar “Country Images and Biases: iPods and Carrots”

  • International Research Seminar "Go Configure: The Mix of Purchasing Practices to Choose for Your Supply Base"



  • International teaching and research seminar "Research in Supply Chain Management and Logistics: Evidence from Russian Market, Trends and Perspectives"