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Case Development Center


Development, dissemination and implementation in the educational process of case studies on Russian firms and international companies based in Russia is one of the priority directions of research and teaching at GSOM SPbSU. The case study is a specially prepared training material containing methodically structured description of situations drawn from real business practice. Most of the cases developed at GSOM — both full-length and mini-cases — are based on field research, i.e. the data is the result of the primary materials.


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Currently GSOM SPbU is the largest center of case studies on business practices in Russia. GSOM SPbU — is Russian first business school, which formed its own collection of case studies at The Case Centre (before July 07, 2013, known as European Case Clearing House) in English. As of February 01, 2019, GSOM SPbU case collection at The Case Centre consists of 242 registration units (142 cases and 100 teaching notes). At the moment GSOM SPbU cases are available for use in training programs anywhere in the world. They are ordered for use in teaching at universities in Europe, U.S., Asia and Africa.


The collection of business case studies developed at GSOM SPbU in 1996–2018, consists of 287 cases, including 169 cases supported by teaching notes. More than 80 professors and 7 graduate students took part in case development. More than 50 case studies and teaching notes have been developed in co-authorship with colleagues from other business schools, i.e. Haas School of Business, University of California (Berkeley), University of Texas, Babson College, Helsinki School of Economics and other international business schools.


In 2017 GSOM SPbU is the first in Russia that formed its own collection of cases  in English in the new academic Case Collection produced by SAGE. The first collection of cases of the Russian business school, which became part of the SAGE Business Cases, included 26 cases and 17 Teaching Notes. 


By now nine collections of cases were published at GSOM SPbU, 117 cases in total (17 cases were published in 2003-2005, 69 cases were published in collections of 2008-2010, 7 cases - in 2012, 4 cases – in 2014, 20 – in 2015). 49 case studies and articles on the development of case-method were published in journals and periodicals in Russia. Five editions of guidelines for teachers of business disciplines on case study development were published at GSOM SPbU. 30 case studies and articles on case-method were published in leading international journals, covering the use of case-method.


In 2007, the Graduate School of Management SPbU founded of the project "Russian Case Studies Center" ( It is a digital library of case studies for use in business education programs at various levels. The Electronic Library includes case studies in Russian, developed in Russia. The project aims at supporting business education teachers by expanding access to teaching materials created by the authors in different universities and educational centers in Russia, as well as the ones published in professional journals.


GSOM SPbU Case Collection


Yeasrs Cases developed by GSOM SPbU professors Cases registered at The Case Centre
Cases Teaching Note Total Cases Teaching Note Total
1996-2005 20 18 38 1 1 2
2006 75 25 100 0 0 0
2007 72 25 97 33 16 49
2008 30 30 60 10 2 12
2009 17 17 34 14 10 24
2010 10 10 20 21 20 41
2011 6 6 12 24 13 37
2012 10 10 20 16 15 31
2013 9 1 10 6 6 12
2014 7 3 10 3 3 6
2015 9 9 18 6 6 12
2016 9 7 16 5 5 10
2017 6 3 9 1 1 2
2018 7 5 12 2 2 4
Total 287 169 456 142 100 242


To coordinate the development and use of teaching cases, the Case Development Center was established at GSOM SPbSU. Its main activities include the following: 

  • Supporting the process of development, registration, publication, and preparation for use in the educational process of cases, business games and other teaching materials.
  • Integration of teaching technics used at school into the international process of business education development.
  • Providing professors with teaching materials and guidelines, licensed for use at other universities, training centers and international organizations.
  • Methodical and organizational support to professors in issues related to improving professional skills, methodological expertise and implementation of advanced learning methods.

One of the main activities of the center is development and use of case studies in the teaching process.