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Talent Up!


“Talent Up!” is a unique project of cooperation between students and successful graduates of GSOM SPBU, organized in collaboration with the Alumni Association of the GSOM SPbU and the Career Center in 2012.

The “Talent Up!” program allows students to demonstrate their professional skills, studying the experience of specialists. In project everyone can:

  • ask questions about professional and personal development;
  • get answers from the real business specialists;
  • learn the secrets of interview and assessment center;
  • choose the future direction of professional development;
  • obtain recommendations for the development of business;
  • hear the real success stories of graduates of GSOM SPBU;
  • enjoy positive and exciting atmosphere.


In the framework of the project in the academic year 2015-2016 a number of interesting events were held:

  • Networking Events;
  • Saturday School McKinsey & Company;
  • Networking Event “Mentor for a day”;
  • Master class “Excel”.





Talent Up!