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Human Resource Management




Currently the ability to properly organized work with personnel, availability of a strong HR-department, is the key to a successful company. This requires increasing demand for specialists in the field of human resource management. Specialists who acquire basic training in management are especially valuable.



Program advantages


The Human Resource Management Concentration provides graduates with a wide range of possibilities for professional activity and career development. Students acquire systematic knowledge in the field of management, learning to make decisions in the area of human resource management based on knowledge of social-economic, social-cultural and social-psychological factors of human behavior in a company.


Students take internships in leading companies and foreign business schools – partners of the GSOM.


Special training provides students with a competitive advantage on the labor market owing to forming:


Professional competences, such as ability:

  • To make strategic decisions,
  • To manage human resources during the process of reorganization,
  • To organize and do social research in a company,
  • To develop flexible systems of bonuses for employees,
  • To organize education and development personnel; 

Communicative competences, such as ability:

  • To work in a team,
  • To carry on negotiations,
  • To solve conflicts,
  • To give presentations

Leader competences


  • Bachelor graduates of the Management Major with the Human Resource Management Concentration are qualified to work as:
  • Managers and specialists of personnel department
  • Specialists in recruiting agencies and employment service
  • Specialists in human resource management for consulting companies.