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Occupational field with St. Petersburg State University graduate qualification (degree) "Bachelor of Management" on profile "Logistics" includes:

  • Russian organizations of any legal form (for-profit, non-commercial), international companies and non-profit organization in which graduates work in services, logistics, supply chain management, purchasing, production, etc.;
  • in companies that provide logistics services, as well as companies providing professional consulting services in logistics and supply chain manipulated;
  • structure, in which graduates are entrepreneurs, creating and developing their own business.



Area of professional activity

Management processes in logistics and supply chains in Russian firms of different organizational forms, non-profit organizations: the development of the logistics network, the choice and supply chain management, product design adapted to the problems of logistics, maintenance of service levels, decision-making in the management of reserves (in methods, storage capacity, the reorder point, etc.), the transport network (including the choice of methods for transportation), accommodation infrastructure (warehouses, manufacturing, etc.).



Program issues


The processes of managing international supply chains in the global market (including risk management).