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Program advantages

Using modern marketing concepts in management, companies try to build their activities according to this key principle: to produce what is sold but not to sell what is produced.


Systematic and scientifically organized marketing allows companies:


  • to study the market carefully and thoroughly,
  • to form and have an effect on demand,
  • rationally and effectively planning assortment of goods,
  • to organize advertising and events to stimulate demands,
  • to implement price policy.


Forming skills of analytical work on research goods market and managing development of food products has a special place in the program. Throughout the course of the program specific situations and methods from the experience of Russian and foreign companies are analyzed and applied. The curriculum requires senior students to prepare term papers which should included marketing research on a specific market, a business plan for a company, and that company’s product line. Another option is to explore a new trade mark concept and its development.



Career prospects


Graduates of the Marketing Concentration have opportunities as:


  • managers and specialists at marketing departments,
  • brand managers,
  • managers of sales promotion departments,
  • managers of sales departments.