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Alumni Testimonials



Alexandra Shmitt, MCF-2014

JSC Gazprom Neft, Russia


The GSOM is an up-to-date business school, and its Master Program gives the opportunity to taste day-to-day business life. For me GSOM was an unforgettable working and studying experience in a global business environment with the top management of leading Russian and international companies, a network of contacts from all over the world and 2 amazing years of my life! All in all, life in GSOM is a huge challenge and great fun.




Andrey Dolbeshkin, MITIM-2014 

Digital Design, Russia


GSOM is a best-in-class business school that gives you plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills and mind: you find new friends, work closely with future leaders, and listen to great professors. You will gain great international experience and exceptional practical knowledge. All this will help you in your future life and career.




Alexandra Lubimova, MIB/CEMS-2013 

Google, Poland


One of the greatest things about studying at GSOM is the opportunity to meet so many different people. It’s amazing how wide and far-reaching this network is - when you belong to the GSOM community you feel that wherever you go, you can always find fellow alum that has lived or worked there. Belonging to this community is a great experience and it’s hard to underestimate its value for both your professional and personal life.




Alexey Kalinogorskiy, MIB/CEMS-2013

McKinsey & Company, Russia


GSOM is the only business school in Russia providing such a broad range of international opportunities - both business and academic. It is also a remarkable place because of the people who teach and study here - they are ambitious and open to new ideas. Studying at GSOM for two years made me an international person and gave me a head start on my career. 




Boris Kaptelov, MCF – 2012

The Boston Consulting Group, Russia


Master program at GSOM SPbU enormously contributed to both my career vision and opportunities. World-class academic body and international network of GSOM enabled me to identify the diversity of professional growth paths and to choose the one that meets my ambitions.  Since for me the program was a transition step from physics to finance, in the first weeks I hardly believed in how bright my career start could be. The reality overcome the best of my expectations: having GSOM brand in resume makes one welcome to the top firms both in and outside of Russia.




Alexandra Manuilova, MIB/CEMS – 2012 

The Boston Consulting Group, Russia


The master program showed me how big is the world, how many opportunities are out there and the only limit is your will to achieve the goal. It is also difficult to underestimate the class: it is not only a great networking opportunity, but also a chance to meet the people who think likewise.




Ekaterina Tarkhova, MIB – 2012  

Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia, Russia


Master program at GSOM SPbU gave a lot of knowledge. I communicated with foreign students, worked at interesting business projects, made presentations and studied hard. This experience helps me in my current working duties.




Dmitry Krasnorutskiy, MIB/CEMS – 2012

PwC, Cyprus


The strongest impact on me was the way GSOM SPbU champions achievement and dedication, the way it encourages goal-setting and self-discipline. The mandatory opportunity to spend an exchange semester in one of the best universities in the world, the dedicated support of university staff, and the sprawling global network of fellow alumni have all played a role in me being able to achieve the level of global mobility I was looking for.




Alexey Kotkov,  MCF/CEMS – 2012  

Zurich Insurance Company, Switzerland


After 2 years in GSOM SPbU I have all doors opened for me and I can choose my career path without any restrictions and boundaries. I want to thank my school for that and for amazing people I have met there, those who became my friends and with whom I have great memories to share!




Yulia Ladyzhenko, MIB – 2011

Google, Poland


I am very grateful to GSOM SPbU and its faculty for all the knowledge and experience they help me to acquire. During these two years I had a chance to meet interesting people of different nationalities, to master my social and business skills and take part in different studying challenges. GSOM SPbU is just the start of professional life, but a very strong and supportive one!




Anna SheverdyaevaMIB/CEMS – 2011

Google, Ireland


GSOM SPbU Master programs are very unique also due to Double Degree opportunities with other leaders in international management education. Besides an excellent learning experience, my studies at CEMS MIM have significantly expanded my global business network and helped to fulfill my career ambitions!




Aleksey FedorovMIB/CEMS – 2011

Microsoft, Russia


I found at GSOM SPbU the brightest, most curious and energetic students in Russia — and probably the whole Europe. Thanks to that and great lessons from GSOM SPbU professors we were able to win L`Oreal Brandstorm and Microsoft Case Competition in Russia as well as place 3rd in Hult Global Case Competition in London, beating such reknown schools as ESADE, HEC Paris and many others. GSOM SPbU and CEMS MIM not only taught me brilliant marketing and entrepreneurship skills, but proved to me a simple maxim — all it takes to change the world is courage, some foolishness and good friends. You already have all the rest.




Alexandra SlepovaMIB/DD HEC – 2011

The Boston Consulting Group, Russia


Double-degree master program between GSOM SPbU and HEC Paris was a priceless experience to me because, first of all, it showed me the variety of employment opportunities I had after graduation, second, the education program was very strong and business-oriented and, finally, there was a chance to do something meaningful beyond the curriculum: for example, with my peers we organized a conference for 100 high potential students from 40 international universities; our classmates prepared remarkable social and charity events. I enjoyed both the process and the result, thank you, GSOM SPbU!




Nikita PopovMIB – 2011

The Boston Consulting Group, Russia


This is a truly international program that gives you the latest knowledge in management and opens the doors to the best employers all around the world. During two years you study together with the brightest students that further can become not only reliable business partners but also your true friends. GSOM SPbU is a life changing experience, one of the best decisions I've made in my life!




Yegor NaumovMITIM – 2011 

i-Free, Russia


St.Petersburg University GSOM’s Master programs provide excellent opportunities for the start of your professional career. Moreover, you always have a chance to network and meet top experts from the field you are interested in during education — in Russian and globally.




Olesya Bakharevskaya, MIB/CEMS – 2011

Adidas AG, Germany


Studying at GSOM SPbU was a great experience from many points of view: the knowledge, the people — students and professors, the solid foundation for an international career. GSOM SPbU offers a unique chance for world-class business education in Russia.




Anastasia Rubashkina, MIB/CEMS – 2011 

Google, Poland


What studying in Graduate School of Management SPbU gives you is much more than mere knowledge. It is excellent soft skills, valuable networks and ability to cope with any situation — in other words, everything you need to become a winner in the labour market.




Polina Kormiltseva, MIB/CEMS – 2011

Google, Poland


What can the GSOM SPbU Master program give you? Intellectual and creativity challenges of ongoing competitions, true international exposure of exchange and double-degree programs, and an opportunity to prepare yourself for today's business realities. The most important skill that you will get is the drive for future development and growth.




Dmitry Lazarenko,  MIB/CEMS – 2010 

McKinsey & Co, Russia


GSOM SPbU has helped me to make a huge leap forward in my life. The MIB program is a perfect career launchpad in Russia and a unique gateway to the network of the best business schools and corporate partners worldwide.




Antonina Kononova, MIB – 2010

Google, Ireland


What differs GSOM SPbU Master in Management Programs from all other programs  is the very unique opportunity to work together in team projects in multinational community. This experience not only helps to develop leadership and communicative skills but provides obtaining several important lines in your CV. Even without prominent work experience you can always put a positive spin on your personal achievements for a potential employer.




Alexander Shutkin, MIB/CEMS – 2010

Henkel, Russia


GSOM SPbU combines the best practices from European and North-American business education which makes it the leading business school in Russia / CIS. Highly international, with best-in class faculty and carefully selected future-leaders-students, GSOM SPbU provides its graduates with unique opportunity to enter International Business with a good deal of management knowledge, practical skills and great network. Thanks to GSOM MIB and CEMS MIM, I got a solid start of a successful career in international management.




Yulia Sannikova, MIB – 2010

EMС2, Russia


In my opinion, strong advantages of GSOM Master program are in curriculum with its impressive courses offering GSOM SPbU professors with their world-class expertise, the exchange semester with its global choices, and strong connections to real business — from case discussions in classes to guest lectures by managers. These two years were unique and a most valuable experience for my personal and professional development.




Elizaveta PalitsinaMIB – 2000

Unilever, Russia


GSOM SPbU is an outstanding Business School because it provides the opportunity to combine research-based university  education with the most modern global experience in the field of management. My GSOM SPbU education gave me the chance to build a successful career by gaining an understanding of what is needed for working in a company today.




Victor MinakovMIB – 2000

McKinsey & Co, Russia


I have the warmest and vivid memories associated with the School. An important aspect for professional analysis and consulting is that study at GSOM SPbU develops systemic and holistic approach to management. I am grateful for the knowledge and opportunities provided by faculty, and especially friendships I gained during my years as a student.