International Marketing



Joan Freixanet, Doctor in Economics, Senior Lecturer, GSOM



45 contact hours, 139 student work hours


Contemporary Strategy Analysis, Marketing

Course Description:

International Marketing Strategic studies the challenges and opportunities of companies commercializing their products in various culturally, economically and institutionally diverse countries.

The course focuses in the techniques and concepts that may enable managers to select their target markets and consequently adapt their international marketing strategies to their features and requirements. International marketing is about how to design and implement a marketing plan that is consistent with the firm’s resources and capabilities, so that it results in competitive advantage, and companies may attain their growth and profitability goals. The subject covers the different steps involved in internationally marketing products or services: selecting the target country and segment, and deciding which aspects to adapt in the product, price, promotion and distribution strategies. The course includes both theoretical and practical aspects through case studies, exercises and guest lecturers.

Course Content (Topics and subtopics):

Introduction to the course subject, terminology and literature
Topic 1. The Decision to Go International: Motivations and Difficulties
Topic 2. The Selection of Foreign Markets
Topic 3. The Decision on the Entry Methods
Topic 4. The Design of the International Marketing Plan.
Final Project

Course Organization:

Lectures, individual assignments, case studies, group projects

Course Reading (the full list):

  • Global Marketing, - Svend Hollensen. 7th Edition – Pearson, 2016.
  • Different articles and cases.

Exam format:

Final exam will consist of multiple-choice questions to test the understanding of material presented in class, together with a short essay.
In-Class, 90 min.

Grading Policy (% or points):

Final Project 20 (10 written report + 10 presentation)
Case Studies and articles 25
Individual Performance 25
Final Exam 30
Total:  100
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