Presidential program General Management (Major Social Sector Management)

    (Professional retraining)


    Target audience Senior and middle managers of public and private social sector organizations
    Language of teaching Russian
    Teaching format

    Modular (four training modules for two weeks (Monday-Saturday) 

    Between the modules, students enrolled in distance format, as well as improve their knowledge of English (French, German) language twice a week in the evening 

    Program start date October 2011
    Duration 8 months (October - May)
    Time of classes from 10.00 to 18.00
    The forms of control used during training After studying the discipline - written examinations or tests,
    The preliminary and final presentation of the project,
    Interdisciplinary State Exam
    Diploma Diploma on professional retraining from St. Petersburg State University


    Benefits of the program


    • The program is implemented in the frame of the Presidential Program on Training Managers and Executives for the Enterprises of the National Economy of the Russian Federation;
    • Mixed funding from the organization, the regional budget and federal budget;
    • Opportunity of overseas internships, funded through the federal budget;
    • Project-oriented nature of education: each specialist develops specific project through the learning process and presents it during the final state certification.
    • The development of competencies in the management of health-care organizations: the teaching staff is made up of representatives of the GSOM with considerable experience in programs for managers and involved teachers with both medical and business education.
    • Active learning: case studies on managing health care organizations, business games, business visits (including visits in the organizations led by graduates of GSOM socially-oriented programs), guest lectures world-famous scientists (including the June lecture of Nobel Laureates) and management "guru".
    • Unique support for the learning process: Russia's only Case Development Center, GSOM Publishing, unique access to world-famous full-text electronic databases, universal unrestricted access to the Internet.
    Alumni reviews