GSOM SPbU research and educational partnership

GSOM SPbSU is a full profile university business school and it gives unique competitive advantages in the field of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary communications.



Full spectrum of degree programs in management:


Bachelor in Management / in Public Administration Master in Management / in Corporate Finance / Public Administration Doctoral programs Executive МВА as well as Executive Education




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  students in degree programs full-time faculty international visiting professors teaching courses and modules international academic partners  


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The main asset of business school — faculty, most of whom are prominent researchers and consultants, well known for their excellence during classes as well as for their publications in the leading international research journals. The development of international faculty and their research potential are priority issues in the competitive strategy of GSOM SPbSU.




Research results of 2015-2016


  22 101 272  
  articles in international peer-reviewed journals articles in national peer-reviewed journals papers presented at academic conferences  


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GSOM SPbSU is recognized as the premier Russian institution for advanced studies in Management. These studies at GSOM are organized through research centers and prestigious international conferences and seminars.


Academic research centers:






Selected International conferences and Seminars:





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