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Консультационные проекты (2012/2013 уч.год)


Осенью 2013 года с Высшей школой менеджмента СПбГУ сотрудничали компании: Henkel, JTI, EMC, Sumeko и "Соционикс".


Темы консультационных проектов

  • Body Care Business Development: Turnaround Marketing Strategy (Henkel)
  • Optimization of logictic service Import/Export Department Business process (JTI)
  • Developing a motivational program for encouraging employeesof "Petro" factory to take part in company innovative activities (JTI)
  •  Analysis of existing IT companies proposals for start of students careers (EMC)
  • Analysis of the pet goods market in Russia and marketing strategy creation (Sumeko)
  • Market research of building system for teaching children programming and robotics (Бизнес-инкубатор "Ингрия")
  • Marketing analysis of the perspective markets for fishery and agricultural products of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District; the suggestions for marketing mix and promotion of the products ("Соционикс")


Весной 2013 года с Высшей школой менеджмента СПбГУ сотрудничали компании:  Valio, Henkel, Schlumberger, Slotex, Business Incubator Ingria, Bank BFA, Siemens  
Темы консультационных проектов
  • Oivariini butter blend launch into Russian market (Valio)
  • Decorative stickers Metylan Creativ'. Market analysis of decorative stickers in Russia: main trends, consumer preferencies, shopping habits (Henkel)
  • Efficiency improvement of the Shared Services Centers (based on effective site location choice and application of optimal technological solutions). Russian experience (Deloitte)
  • Optimization of supply chain and tool utilization in West Siberia Projects” (Schlumberger)
  • Supply Chain Management  (Slotex)
  • Development of unified recruiting process for Schumberger acquired companies based on single information solution (Schlumberger)
  • Internet marketing research (Business Incubator Ingria)
  • Market strategy of electret stimulator of osteoreparation (Business Incubator Ingria)
  • Company analysis and valuations (Bank BFA)
  • Portfolio construction (Bank BFA)
  • Financial and economic model of ecommerce deals aggregator in Russia (Business Incubator Ingria)
  •  Creation of an automated system of budgeting, forecasting and controlling on the basis of Access (Siemens)

Осенью 2012 года с Высшей школой менеджмента СПбГУ сотрудничали компании: EMC, Dupont, L'Oreal, Slotex, Bank BFA, PwC, Business Incubator Ingria  


Темы консультационных проектов

  • Management strategies of multinational IT companies (EMC)
  • Access road in all conditions on technology DuPont (DuPont)
  • How to launch successfully brand Roget&Gallet in Russian market (L'Oreal)
  • Optimization of logistic networks and supply chain management in the manufacturing company (Slotex)
  • Description and establishing business processes and workflow (Bank BFA)
  • Preparation of forecasts and other financial information for newly public company (PwC)
  • Development of procedures and policies for fast closing of RUS GAAP & IFRS financial statements preparation (PwC)
  • Nanodimensional (nanosized) multifunctional fluorine based films containing surface active agents (epilam technology) (Business Incubator Ingria)


Весной 2012 года  с Высшей школой менеджмента СПбГУ сотрудничали компании:EMC, Dupont, Elisa, IKEA, Slotex, Sclumberger, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Business Incubator Ingria.


Темы консультационных проектов

  • Analysis of the visibility of EMC Russia CoE (Center of Excellence, Saint-Petersburg) as an employer at Saint-Petersburg IT labor market, evaluation of students/young specialists loyalty to the company (EMC)
  • The analysis of a consumer behavior and development of the optimum trading offer for table-tops from artificial stone DuPont ™ Corian® and Montlli® in St.- Petersburg salons of kitchen furniture (Dupont)
  • Video Conferencing Services for Business: Market analysis and business development recommendations (Elisa)
  • Strategy of IKEA promotion in Mega Trading Center (IKEA)
  • Digital printing in production of decorative surfaces: project evaluation and start up preparation (Slotex)
  • Designing the key performance objectives and indicators based system of SLB market share analysis (Schlumberger)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementation project: general issues and solutions (PricewaterhouseCoopers)