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Консультационные проекты (2014-2015 уч. год)


Осенью 2014 года с Институтом «Высшая школа менеджмента» СПбГУ сотрудничали компании: Бизнес-инкубатор «Ингрия» и IBM.


Темы консультационных проектов

  • Market research on solutions for the protection of personal data in the Russian Federation for the formation of the marketing part of the business plan: Sotis (Бизнес-инкубатор «Ингрия»)
  • Development of a marketing plan for the project "Research, production and delivery of water-repellent compositions brand "НЕОГАРД" for building materials and constructions: NEO + (Бизнес-инкубатор «Ингрия»)
  • The Strategy of enabling IBM Watson as a part of Big Data portfolio for Government sector in Russia (IBM)
  • Analyze current status of the IBM SW Products and   initiatives in Asset Management area and suggest corrective actions, ways for further development based on current economy & geopolitical situation (IBM)


Весной  2014 года с Высшей школой менеджмента СПбГУ сотрудничали компании: Dupont, L'Oreal, Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies, IKEA, Slotex, EMC, Бизнес-инкубатор "Ингрия", Ahlers и "Ракурс".


Темы консультационных проектов

  • Point of Sales (POS) of construction materials as an element of value chain: role  in customer decision making process and marketing requirements (Dupont)
  • Analysis of membrane& films  market (Marketing 5P) (Dupont)
  • Services marketing. Service standards elaboration & implementation as a mean of development in the professional market of luxury beauty salons (ex., Kérastase) (L'Oreal)
  • IKEA Parnas local HR branding and perspective (IKEA)
  • Analysis of the consumer trends at the kitchen furniture market of St. Petersburg and developing recommendations for increasing IKEA market share at the kitchen furniture and accessories business (IKEA)
  • Automating logistics between two of JSC Slotex’s production sites (Slotex)
  • Printing plant establishment project (Slotex)
  • Analyses of innovation maturity growth in IT companies on the local market (EMC)
  • Analysis of the IT companies educational proposals in Russia & CIS (EMC)
  • Development and promotion the largest internet MOOC platform  for Russian speaking users (Бизнес-инкубатор "Ингрия")
  • Analysis business units' profitability and creating a financial model for taking the business development decisions (Ahlers)
  • Development of the concept of IT financial model: Unity Doc (Бизнес-инкубатор "Ингрия")
  • Development of the concept of IT financial model: Brauni (Бизнес-инкубатор "Ингрия")
  • Development of the process of human resource planning (Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies)
  • The development of mechanism of involvement of the personnel of the company in searching of new ideas for creation of innovative projects ("Ракурс")