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Business in Society


In cooperation with ABIS — The Academy of Business in Society



Track Chairs:


Yury Blagov,




Ivo Matser

Chief Executive Officer, ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society


The global call from the business community to academia to analyze and to develop the competitive and innovative business models for the UN SDGs can and should be specified and answered in particular context of Emerging Markets. Such general trends in business and society relations as creating blended and shared value by the broad spectrum of different market actors from leading corporations to social entrepreneurs are affected by dramatic socio-economic changes in Emerging Markets at both the macro and micro levels. The one day track “Business in Society” (October 5, 2018) provides participants with the unique opportunity to analyze the important changes and their effects as well as current issues in the field of Business in Society within Emerging Markets. We invite paper proposals that address the global, national, and company levels of the Track and Conference topics.


Suggested topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • the impact of the UN SDGs on the CSR agenda in Emerging Markets and the impact of Emerging Markets on the global CSR agenda and approaches to achieve the UN SDGs;
  • institutional contexts of business and society relations’ development in Emerging Markets;
  • the peculiarities of competitive and innovative business models and cross-sector collaborations for the UN SDGs in Emerging Markets;
  • social entrepreneurship development in Emerging Markets;
  • case and comparative studies on CSR-related approaches, frameworks, practices, addresses to specific issues, and reporting standards of companies in Emerging Markets;
  • current issues of management development and management education in the area of Business in Society in Emerging Markets context.


Keywords presenting the track: Sustainability, UN Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs), corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, emerging markets, management development, management education.