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Публикации преподавателей ВШМ СПбГУ в международных научных и профессиональных журналах


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Публикации преподавателей ВШМ СПБГУ в международных реферируемых журналах списка ABS

Категория B

1 Davis-Sramek B., Germain R., K. Krotov Examining the Process R&D Investment-Performance Chain in Supply Chain Operations: The Effect of Centralization International Journal of Production Economics             10.1016/j.ijpe.2015.05.037 Vol. 167 246–256 2015
2 Gavrilova T., Leshcheva I. Ontology Design and Individual Cognitive Peculiarities: A Pilot Study Expert Systems With Applications 10.1016/j.eswa.2015.01.008 Vol. 42, Issue 8 3883–3892 2015
3 Jaakkola M., Frösén J., & Tikkanen H. Various Forms of Value-Based Selling Capability - Commentary on “Value-Based Selling: An Organizational Capability Perspective” Industrial Marketing Management 10.1016/j.indmarman.2015.02.022 Vol. 45 113-114 2015
4 Latukha M. Talent management in Russian companies: domestic challenges and international experience International Journal of Human Resource Management 10.1080/09585192.2014.922598 Vol. 26, Issue 8 1051-1075 2015

Категория C

5 Garanina T., Petrova O. Liquidity, Cash Conversion Cycle and Financial Performance: Case of Russian Companies  Investment Management and Financial Innovations Journal Vol. 12, Issue 1 90-100 2015
6 Panibratov A., Latukha M. Top management teams’ competencies for international operations: do they influence a firm’s result? Journal of General Management Vol. 40, Issue 4 45-68 2015
7 Shirokova G., Vega G., Knatko D Crossing the threshold from founder management to professional management in emerging market firms: an institutional perspective International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research  10.1108/IJEBR-05-2014-0092  10.1108/IJEBR-05-2014-0092 Vol. 21, Issue 1 76 - 106 2015

Категория D

8 Gavrilova T., Leshcheva I., Strakhovich E. Gestalt principles of creating learning business ontologies for knowledge codification Knowledge Management Research & Practice 10.1057/kmrp.2013.60 Vol. 13, Issue 4 418–428 2015
9 Michailova I., Shirokova G.,  Laine I. New venture internationalization from an emergent market: Unexpected findings from Russia Journal of East-West Business 10.1080/10669868.2015.1067276 Vol. 21, Issue 4 257-291 2015
10 Panibratov A.  Liability of foreignness of emerging market firms: the country of origin effect on Russian IT companies Journal of East-West Business 10.1080/10669868.2014.993008 Vol. 21, Issue 1 22-40 2015

Публикации преподавателей ВШМ СПБГУ в прочих международных реферируемых журналах

11 Gavrilova T., Leshcheva I. How the cognitive features testing can assist in evaluating of collective ontology engineering International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 10.1504/IJHPCN.2015.071252 Vol. 8, Issue 3 275-284 2015
12 Gavrilova T., Leshcheva I. The interplay of knowledge engineering and cognitive psychology: learning ontologies creating International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 10.1504/IJKL.2015.071617 Vol. 10, Issue 2 182-197 2015
13 Luukka P., Pätäri E., Fedorova E., Garanina T.  Performance of Moving Average Trading Rules in a Volatile Stock Market: The Russian Evidence  Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 10.1080/1540496X.2015.1087785. Vol. 17, Issue 1 1-18 2015
14 Petrosjan L. A. , Zenkevich N. Conditions for Sustainable Cooperation Automation and Remote Control Vol. 76, Issue 10 345-355 2015
15 Shirokova G., Bogatyreva K., Belyaeva T. Entrepreneurial Orientation of Russian Firms:
The Role of External Environment
Foresight and STI Governance 10.17323/1995-459x.2015.3.6.25 Vol. 9, Issue 3 6-25 2015
16 Zamulin A.L., Gladkikh I.V., Starov S.A. The Use of Cases in Russia's Business Education: Exploratory Study  International Journal of Case Method Research & Application Vol. XXVII, Issue 2 122-131  2015