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Публикации преподавателей ВШМ СПБГУ в международных реферируемых журналах списка ABS

Категория A
1 Andreeva T., Sergeeva A. The more the better… or is it? HR practices for knowledge sharing motivation and behaviour Human Resource Management Journal DOI: 10.1111/1748-8583.12100 Vol. 26, Issue 2 151–171 2016
2 Frösén J., Luoma J., Jaakkola M., Tikkanen H., Aspara, J. What Can Be Counted Vs. What Counts: Complementary Roles of Formal Performance Measurement and Informal Market Orientation in Controlling Marketing Performance Journal of Marketing Vol. 80, Issue 3 60-78 2016
3 Manolova T.,Shirokova G., Tsukanova T., Edelman L. The Impact of Family Support on Young Entrepreneurs’ Start-Up Activities Journal of Business Venturing doi:10.1016/j.jbusvent.2016.04.003 Vol. 31, Issue 4 428-448 2016

Категория B

4 Andreeva, T.Sergeeva, A. Knowledge Sharing Research: Bringing Context Back In  Journal of Management Inquiry DOI: 10.1177/1056492615618271 Vol. 25 , Issue 3 240-261 2016
5 Frösén J., Jaakkola M., Churakova I., Tikkanen H.  Effective forms of market orientation across the business cycle: A longitudinal analysis of business-to-business firms Industrial Marketing Management Vol. 52 , Issue 1 91-99 2016
6 Frösén J., Tikkanen H. Development and impact of strategic marketing - a longitudinal study in a Nordic country from 2008 to 2014 European Journal of Marketing Vol. 50 , Issue 12 2269-2294 2016

Категория C

7 Andreeva T., Garanina T. Do all elements of intellectual capital matter for organizational performance? Evidence from Russian context Journal of Intellectual Capital Vol. 17 , Issue 2 397 - 412 2016
8 Berezinets I., Garanina T., Ilina Yu. Intellectual capital of a board of directors and its elements: introduction to the concepts Journal of Intellectual Capital Vol. Vol. 17  , Issue Iss 4  632-653 2016
9 Davis-Sramek B., Germain R., Krotov K.  Predicting Technology Integration and Performance in Transition Economies: Insights from Russia International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management DOI: 10.1108/IJPDLM-10-2014-0252 Vol. 46 , Issue 2 128-152 2016
10 Garanina T., Kaikova E. Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Agency Costs: Cross-Country Analysis Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society Vol. 16 , Issue 2 347 - 360 2016
11 Garanina T., Nikulin E., Frangulantc O. Earnings Management and R&D Costs Capitalization: Evidence from Russian and German Markets Investment Management and Financial Innovations doi:  Vol. 13 , Issue 1 206-214 2016
12 Jaakkola M., Frösén J., Tikkanen H., Aspara J., Vassinen A., Parvinen P Is More Capability Always Beneficial for Firm Performance? Market Orientation, Core Business Process Capabilities, and Business Environment Journal of Marketing Management DOI: 10.1080/0267257X.2016.1181098 Vol. 32 , Issue 13-14 1359-1385 2016
13 Kucherov D., Zamulin L. Employer Branding Practices for Young Talents in IT-Companies (Russian Experience) Human Resource Development International Vol. 19 , Issue 2 178-188 2016
14 Latukha M. Can Talent Management Practices Be Considered as a Basis for Sustainable Competitive Advantages in Emerging-Market Firms? Evidence from Russia Thunderbird International Business Review 10.1002/tie.21778 Vol. Publication on-line , Issue    2016
15 Latukha M.Doleeva A., Järlström M., Jokinen T., Piekkari R. Does corporate language influence career mobility? Evidence from MNCs in Russia European Management Journal Vol. 34 , Issue 4 363–373 2016
16 Shirokova G., Bogatyreva K., Beliaeva T., Puffer S.M. Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance in Different Environmental Settings: Contingency and Configurational Approaches Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Vol. 23 , Issue 3 703-727 2016
17 Shirokova G., Osiyevskyy O., Bogatyreva K. Exploring the Intention-Behavior Link in Student Entrepreneurship: Moderating Effects of Individual and Environmental Characteristics European Management Journal Vol. 34 , Issue 4 386-399 2016

Категория D

18 Dikova D., Panibratov A., Ermolaeva L., Veselova A.S. The Joint Effect of Investment Motives and Institutional Context on Russian International Acquisitions International Journal of Emerging Markets Vol. 11 , Issue 4 674 - 692 2016
19 Latukha M. Talent management practices in IT companies from emerging markets: A comparative analysis of Russia, India and China Journal of East-West Business Vol. 22 , Issue 3 168-197 2016
20 Panibratov A. Home government influence on Russian MNEs: balancing control against interest International Journal of Emerging Markets Vol. 11 , Issue 4 474 - 496 2016
21 Panibratov A. Unraveling the IJV rationale in emerging markets: The case of multinational enterprises in
the Russian construction industry
Journal of East-West Business DOI: 10.1080/10669868.2016.1152525 Vol. 22 , Issue 2 97-117 2016
22 Wales W., Shirokova G., Sokolova L., Stein C.  Entrepreneurial orientation in the emerging Russian regulatory context: The criticality of interpersonal relationships European Journal of International Management (EJIM) published Vol. 10 , Issue 3 359-382 2016
23 Zenkevich N., Gladkova M. Price Competition on the Market of Counterfeiting Software International Game Theory Review DOI: 10.1142/S0219198916400065 Vol. 18 , Issue 2 10 2016

Публикации преподавателей ВШМ СПБГУ в прочих международных реферируемых журналах

24 Yablonsky S. Multi-sided search platforms: global and local International Journal of Technology Marketing 10.1504/IJTMKT.2016.077394 Vol. 11 , Issue 3 319-343 2016
25 Knatko D., Shirokova G., Bogatyreva K. Industry Choice by Young Entrepreneurs in Different Country Settings: the Role of Human and Financial Capital Journal of Business Economics and Management 10.3846/16111699.2015.1113199 Vol. 17 , Issue 4 613-627 2016
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27 Zenkevich N., Zyatchin A. Сooperative strong equilibrium in vehicle routing game Automation and Remote Control Vol. 77 , Issue 10 1867-1881 2016
28 Kucherov D., Samokish V. Employer Brand Equity Measurement Strategic HR Review  10.1108/SHR-08-2015-0068 Vol. 15 , Issue 1 29-33 2016
29 Abramova A.,  Garanina O.
The role of sanctions in the internationalization of Russian multinationals toward China: The case of energy and ict sectors  Progress in International Business Research DOI: 10.1108/S1745-886220160000011023 Vol. 11 , Issue  451-479 2016
30 Luukka P.,  Pätäri E.,  Fedorova E.,  Garanina T. 
Performance of Moving Average Trading Rules in a Volatile Stock Market: The Russian Evidence Emerging Markets Finance and Trade DOI: 10.1080/1540496X.2015.1087785 Vol. 52 , Issue 10 2434-2450 2016
31 Ivanov A. How to improve effectiveness of Anticorruption Expertise: Public Procurement Case NACC journal ISSN 1906-2087 Vol. 9 , Issue 1 61-83 2016