Консультационный проект

Consulting Project



Daniil Muravskii, Assistant professor, marketing department, GSOM


9,0 ECTS

8 contact hours, plus visits to partner companies and work with academic advisors


Any master-level management and marketing courses.

Goals and objectives:

The goal of the Consulting project is to successfully analyze the corporate issue(s) stated by the Client Company, while maintaining high quality and reliability of the results and recommendations by using relevant theoretical bases for the analysis.

The objectives are:

- Together with the company to come to a final consulting project topic formulation, that would depict the analyzed issue and expected results the most precise way
- To create a research proposal, where the plan of actions and research design are explained and justified
- To conduct relevant high-quality research necessary for analyzing the corporate issue(s)
- To successfully defend preliminary research results before GSoM commission, understand and record the received feedback to be able to implement in before the final defence
- To present the project results before the company in a professional and value adding way 
- To successfully defend the project results before the GSoM commission

Course Content:

The Consulting Project is a research & business practice project where students act as a consulting team to analyze corporate issue(s) stated by the Client Company. Consulting Project is arranged usually at St. Petersburg international companies as a response to their requests through the Career Development Center of GSOM. The consulting project topic can range from marketing and logistics to strategic management and business planning problems.

In the process of detailed work during 8-10+ weeks, the team sets the project goals and research areas, develops a strategy to reach the goal, and then implements it to achieve results and to produce sound recommendations for the company. In the Consulting Project students work in teams of 4-6 persons. The teams are created and assigned to projects by the Consulting Projects coordinator based on competitive bases, student and company preferences.

Teaching Methods:

Seminars by the Consulting projects coordinator and guest consultants.

Course Reading:

  • Recommendations will be announced during the course and individual consultations with the Academic advisers assigned for each project.
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