Современный менеджмент в общественном секторе

Contemporary Public Management 



Anastasia A. Golubeva, Can.Sc., Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Administration Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg University


6,0 ECTS

45 contact hours 



Goals and objectives:

The purpose of this course is to examine the main challenges facing contemporary public managers and take a comprehensive look at the public management as a field of research and the area of practice, particularly at regional and local level of governance. Students learn about the evolution in approaches to government and governance, familiarize with the modern trends in public management reforms and undertake the critical analysis of their results worldwide. After the course students will have the holistic view on governance quality and deep knowledge of different approaches to governance quality assessment. The course covers several actual topics for current public management practice including public sector innovations and managing change in public organizations, evidence-based policy, public participation, transparency and accountability. 

Course Content:

Topic 1. Introduction to public management
Topic 2. Approaches to public administration: from public administration to public governance
Topic 3. Public administration reforms worldwide. Issues, challenges and results. Comparative Analysis.
Topic 4. Contemporary governance indicators. Rankings and ratings.
Topic 6. Managing innovations in the public sector
Topic 5. Special public management issues: public participation, transparency and accountability

Topic 6. Evidence based policy and practice 

Teaching Methods:

Lectures and Seminars, group work, group discussions, case-study 

Course Reading:

Core reading:
The Oxford Handbook of Public Management / ed. by Ewan Ferlie, Laurence E. Lynn, Christopher Pollitt. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005. 
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