Современный стратегический анализ

Contemporary Strategic Analysis 



Dr. Ioannis P. Christodoulou, University of Westminster –Westminster Business School, UK Department of Marketing and Business Strategy, UG and MBA/PG Courses


6,0 ECTS

45 contact hours 



Goals and objectives:

The main objective of this course is to enable students to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in applying the concepts of strategic management to recent and current positions of organizations.
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
- Critically review the essential theory of strategic management
- Underpin the theory with real world examples, e.g. case studies
- Apply relevant models and techniques to enhance corporate analysis

- Identify sources of theory and real world data with literature, media and on-line references. 

Course Content:

• Introduction to Strategic Management
• The External Environment of Organisations
• The Internal Environment of Organisations
• Linking External to Internal Environment of Organisations
• Competitive Strategy
• Corporate Strategy
• International Strategy: Expansion and Globalisation
• Expectations and Purposes
• Directions and Methods of Strategy Development – Strategic Diagnostics
• Organising for Success – Competition in Hyper Competitive Industries

• Managing Strategic Change 

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, seminars, case studies, group work, exercises, home and class discussion and assignments.

Course Reading:

  • Grant, R., (2012) Contemporary Strategy Analysis: Text and Cases, John Wiley & Sons; 8th Edition edition
  • Dess G., McNamara G., Eisner A, and Lumpkin T., (2011) Strategic Management : Text and Cases, McGraw Hill Editions. 
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