Бизнес в России


 Vadim Osipov, CEO “Slotex”




2,0 ECTS, 30 contact hours



Course Prerequisites

Background in management



Goals and objectives:

This is an intensive practically oriented module aiming at:

1. Developing skills for quick though deep orientation in a new business environment;

2. Developing skills for mining useful and relevant data;

3. Giving an extensive introduction into the Russian business environment and context for international students.


The course starts with introductory lectures given by GSOM professors, as well as by Russian and international consulting companies. Big emphasis is put on guest lectures done by businessmen and managers practicing business in Russia. These guest lectures are intended as basis for discussions and case studies requiring a high degree of involvement from the students. Additionally, students will be given the opportunity of company visits to get a deeper understanding of the local business environment.


In addition to the course sessions students will work in mixed international groups, with at least one Russian student in each group, each with the goal of preparing a business plan for a start-up in Russia.


During the course the students are encouraged to go below the surface of common-knowledge and stereotype thinking, identify useful business- related data (facts and figures), and build their own data- based picture of the Russian business environment.



Course Content:

Learning the business context:
  • Macroeconomic summary;
  • Demographic challenges;
  • Russian financial markets in facts and figures;
  • Marketing landscape;
  • Legal system: Opportunities and risks.

Practical insights in the following areas:
  • FMCG
  • Financial markets
  • Banking
  • IT
  • Durable goods
  • B2B
  • Tourism and HORECA.

Company visits:
  • Baltika Brewer: on production and market challenges
  • Hyundai Factory
  • Phillip Morris factory visit

Group work: Project Preparation / Market survey



Teaching Methods:

Preparatory readings, Lectures, In-class Discussions, Case-studies, Group Project



Course Reading:





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