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Iya Y.Churakova, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University



1,5 ECTS; 15 contact hours






Goals and objectives:


Introduction to business management: statistics introduces students to basic statistical methods useful in their professional business and management activities.


The course topics include descriptive statistics, basic probability concepts and random variables, sampling methods. Special attention is paid to data visualization instruments such as statistical tables and charts. Computer exercises using MsExcel is an integral part of the course ensuring that the students acquire skills and gain experience of data analysis in solving business and management problems.


It is expected that by the end of the course the students will be able to:


  • be informed about the statistical process stages and be able to organize it using primary and secondary data sources;
  • understand the concepts of descriptive statistics and the types of data used in business and management; summarize and describe data in the forms of tables and graphs;
  • calculate and describe measures of central tendency and dispersion, draw conclusion about the shape of the distribution;
  • understand the basic probability concepts used in statistics,  know specific features of discrete and continuous distributions;
  • organize samples from the population, evaluate sampling errors.


Course Content:


Module 1. Descriptive Statistics.

Topic 1. Nature of the data. Data collection.

Topic 2. Types of sampling methods.

Topic 3. Types of variables. Quantitative and qualitative variables. Data visualization using tables, charts and diagrams.

Topic 4. Descriptive statistics. Measures of central tendency. Variation and shape.

Topic 5. Sampling distributions. The Central Limit Theorem.


Module 2. Statistical Inference

Topic 6. Hypothesis testing basic. The assumptions of hypothesis-testing procedures.

Topic 7. Inference about One Population. Inference about Two Populations



Course Reading:

Required reading:

1. Levine, David M., David F. Stephan, Timothy C. Krehbiel, and Mark L. Berenson (2011) Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel. Sixth Edition. Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: 0136113494 (referred in the text below as LSKB).


Optional reading:

1. Gerald Keller. Statistics for Management and Economics, 9th Edition. ISBN-10: 0538477490, 2012.

2. Nathan Yau. Visualize This: The Flowing Data Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics. John Wiley & Sons © 2011 (384 pages) ISBN:9780470944882 (e-book). 

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