Введение в управление бизнесом: Маркетинг


Daniil V. Muravsky, Assistant Professor, Marketing Department, Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University




1,5 ECTS; 15 contact hours






Goals and objectives:


The course aims to introduce students to the concept of marketing, its evolution, theoretical and practical angles of marketing concept. Students will be provided with understanding of marketing aims, levels of marketing decision making, marketing strategy and marketing planning.  The course philosophy is to create a dynamic discussion space, inviting students to share their experiences and taking part in individual and group exercises.


Course Content:


Topic 1. Marketing. Defining marketing and marketing concept. Evolution of marketing concept.

Topic 2. Marketing aims and levels of decision making. Marketing strategy. STP process. Marketing planning.

Topic 3. Marketing research.

Topic 4. Marketing in b2c and b2b markets.

Topic 5. Marketing planning and elements of marketing program. Execution of marketing program.



Course Reading:

Principles of marketing / Philip Kotler [et al.]. - 6th European ed. - Harlow, UK [etc.] : Pearson Education Limited, 2013

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