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Performance Management



Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa, Associate Professor, Department of Operations Management, Managing director at The International Institute for Research Performance and Innovation Management e.V. (http://iperf.eu/) 


6,0 ECTS

45 contact hours 



Goals and objectives:

This course aims to support students in developing comprehensive knowledge and skills of innovation and research and development performance management. Linked to this aim are the following aims:
• On a theoretical level the course provides a managerial toolbox for future R&D managers. The course provides a thorough foundation of the full spectrum of business processes within R&D, goal setting techniques and performance metrics. Theoretical findings will be connected to real-world cases of R&D management from leading international companies.
• On a practical level the course allows students in an interactive project work setting to develop skills by performing independent research on R&D management in industrial real-world contexts.

• Throughout the course, students will develop R&D performance management case studies, present their findings and receive guidance by the instructor and industry experts. 

Course Content:

• Foundation and principles of R&D management and performance measurement
• Organizational R&D structures
• Strategy, goal setting, R&D business processes, performance indicators
• Inter-organizational R&D interface
• Patent management, R&D controlling, people management
• R&D branding, scientific research
• Open innovation
• Design Thinking

• Sources for knowledge updates 

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, guest lectures, group projects, group work, creative exercises, brainstorming, presentations, case study discussion, home readings, home and class assignments 

Course Reading:

Samsonowa, T. (2012). Industrial Research Performance Management; Key Performance Indicators in the ICT Industry. Heidelberg: Springer.
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