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Elena V. Orlova, Can. of Sc. in Philology,

Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University



1 ECTS, 16 contact hours


Course Prerequisites



Aim of the Course:


The aim of the course is to develop the skills that might be helpful for students in successfully managing a number of typical business communication challenges in his/her early career, many of which are analytical and thought-provoking in their nature.

The course activities are aimed at

  • developing oral and written skills of efficient communication in business-related context, with the focus on the skills needed for the following specific situations: emailing, reporting the outcomes, writing proposals and memos, based on analytical research and previous case-related activities;
  • developing basic pitching skills;
  • developing basic negotiation skills.

After the course, a successful student should be able

  • to formulate independent opinion on a complex input information, be ready to present this opinion with the use of the relevant business communication formats, develop the skills of critical self-evaluation and evaluation of opinions of others, to conclude and make decisions based on contradictory or conflicting information;
  • to use appropriate functional language (style and register) regarding the type of business situation, the business audience and personal status;
  • to take part in organizing efficient business communication, to conduct group presentations and negotiations;
     to monitor the process of group decision-making.


Course Content:

Topic 1. Effective business correspondents: fast emails vs emails

Topic 2. Effective  proposal writing

Topic 3. Basic principles of memo writing

Topic 4. Pitching ideas/positions

Topic 5. Giving presentations (group presentations)

Topic 6. Introduction into negotiating.

Topic 7. Communicating seminar outcomes


Teaching Methods:

The Business Communication Skills seminar is organized as a combination of autonomous and interaction case-based activities.


Course Reading:


  • Forsyth, P. “How to write reports & proposals”, 2nd ed. - London : Kogan Page Limited, 2006.
  • Comfort, J., Revell R., Stott C., ‘Business Reports in English”, - Cambridge University Press, 2004.
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  • Business Communication Skills Seminar Workbooks.




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