Исследовательский семинар I


Natalia P. Drozdova, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration



Contact hours: 20 hours in Fall semester and 20 hours in Spring semester



Goals and objectives:

The aim of Research seminar is to provide master students, specializing in Public management, with the knowledge and skills needed for preparation and writing master thesis. The goal of the first year of Research seminar is to assist students’ mastery of literature review and research proposal. Topics covered include the approaches to research design, types of literature review, collection of relevant information. The first year of the course is finalized with critical literature review and research proposal on selected research topic based on an understanding of their scientific specialty and extensive knowledge of the relevant literature.


By taking this course students should be able to:

  • identify a research problem and describeits significance in relation to prior research;
  • formulate the research topic and justify its relevance;
  • create the research design;
  • select the appropriate method(s) to use in research project;
  • search and select literature and data pertinent to researcharea;
  • critically read, analyze, evaluate, and discuss scholarly contributions to public management;
  • review and synthesize previously published literature associated with the research problem;
  • collect and analyze data;
    • plan and scope a research project and write a research proposal;
    • present a research proposal.

Course Content:

Topic 1. General research philosophies and approaches in Public Administration and Public Management, regional and city development

Topic 2. Forms of research. Research topic, research problem, research questions, methods of analysis

Topic 3. Research design

Topic 4. Literature review.

Topic 5. Empirical part of research

Topic 6. Presentations of the final research proposals & literature reviews

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, guest lectures, seminars, practical training, discussion of assignments, individual and group presentations, peer review of written reports

Course Reading:

McNabb D. E. 2015. Research Methods in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches. 3rd ed. London; New York, NY: Routledge.

Adams J., Hafiz T., Khan A., Raeside R. 2014. Research Methods for Business and Social Science Students. 2nd ed. Los Angeles [etc.]: Sage.

Luton L. S. 2010. Qualitative Research Approaches for Public Administration. Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe.



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