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George TovstigaPhD, Professor of Strategy and Innovation Management, Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK)
(Visiting Professor)


6,0 ECTS, 45 contact hours



Contemporary Strategic Analysis


Aim of the Course:


This is an advanced level course on Strategic Management. The course delivery is interactive with conceptual briefings interspersed with group/team work on real-time business cases taken from the current business media (e.g. Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, both print and multimedia, etc.) and designed around contemporary thinking in strategic management.

The aim of this course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of strategic analysis, sense making, strategic option formation, evaluation, decision-making and strategy implementation in real business contexts. This course develops an insight-driven, strategic thinking approach to strategic management.


On completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • understand and apply the basic principles of the strategic thinking process; 
  • demonstrate a high level of ability and skill in strategic thinking, strategic analysis (sense-making), synthesis and decision-making;
  • analyse and understand the organisation and its external competitive environment from a holistic systems perspective;
  • assess an organisation's internal value-creating activities and processes, contributing to competitive advantage and effectiveness;
  • derive and evaluate appropriate strategic options for an organization, assessing their impact on competitive position and future performance of the organization; and
  • develop a good understanding of the strategy implementation process.
These outcomes will be achieved through acquiring high levels of knowledge and understanding, cognitive and intellectual skills.  They will help students to develop and demonstrate personal and team competence and behaviours expected at a management level within an organization.



Course Content:

Part 1. Fundamentals of Strategy, Strategic Thinking and the Strategy Process 

Topic 1. Fundamentals of Strategy

Topic 2. Strategy and Competitive Advantage


Part 2. Strategic Analysis and Sense-making

Topic 3. Introduction to Strategic Analysis and Sense-making

Topic 4. Strategic Analysis I: High-level, “Big-Picture” Analysis

Topic 5. Strategic Analysis II: Supporting-level Analysis


Part 3. Strategic Options

Topic 6. Strategic Options: Formation, Evaluation and Selection


Part 4. Strategy Implementation, Strategic Change and Performance Management

Topic 7. Strategy Implementation

Topic 8. Strategic Performance Management


Part 5. Contemporary Topics in Strategic Management

Topic 9. Strategic Innovation and Business Modelling

Topic 10. Strategic Partnering and Alliances

Topic 11. Mergers & Acquisitions


Teaching Methods:

This course uses a blended-learning approach, incorporating self-study, face-to-face classroom delivery, and group work. Key course content will be delivered in classroom sessions. Classroom delivery of content comprises a mixture of conceptual briefing, discussion in class and break-out group sessions (for case work). 

IMPORTANT: Case work will be used to illustrate and apply concepts covered in conceptual briefings; cases will be based on articles from recent and current business media.



Course reading:

Tovstiga, G. (2015). Strategy in Practice: A Practitioner’s Guide to Strategic Thinking, 3rd Edition, Chichester: John Wiley & Sons

Collis, D J & Montgomery, C A (2008) Competing on resources. Harvard Business Review, Jul/Aug, 140–50

Collis, D J & Rukstad, M G (2008) Can you say what your strategy is? Harvard Business Review, 86 (4), 82–90

Drucker, P F (1994) The theory of the business. Harvard Business Review, Sep/Oct, 95–104 
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