Технологические инновации

Technology Innovation



Igor Rozhdestvensky, Ph.D, Head, Technology marketing division at Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, St.Petersburg Polytechnic university, CEO at Martal SPb (Visiting Professor)


6,0 ECTS

45 contact hours 



Goals and objectives:

The aim of the course is to give students basic knowledge on technology management.

The course will be mosly structured around practical issues, based the first hand experiences and borrowed examples from Russian and foreign practices. The practical part of the course will involve small group and personal exercises in technology scouting, Technology Readiness Levels (TTL) evaluation, startup strategy and business development. All the examples will be taken from real life and bear practical value beyond purely educational purposes. Guest lectures and seminars, as well as cooperation in practical exercises will be given tech startup teams, business incubators and accelerators’ management, venture fund experts and other related speakers. 

Course Content:

• Commercialization of knowledge and competence
• Modern trends in technology markets
• Universities and research centers as sources for technology
• Industry as the principle technology recipient
• Process of technology transfer and related topics
• Technology entrepreneurship: management upside down
• Immaterial assets in technology management
• Intellectual property basics and commecialization
• Role of institutes of development and innovation infrastructure in technology management (technoparks and science parks, business incubators, tech transfer centers, engineering centers, etc)
• Role of legislature and legal practice
• Open innovation and efficient business models of innovation management in universities and industry

• Communications as a principle process in TM 

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, seminars, case studies, group work, exercises, home and class discussion and assignments. 

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