International Business Strategy



Joan Freixanet, Doctor in Economics, Senior Lecturer, GSOM



45 contact hours, 139 student work hours



Course Description:

International Strategic Management deals with the most important aspects of a company operating in different countries, and from the perspective of the top management.
The object of study is the company’s internationalization processes. Contrary to other strategic management subjects, in this course both Small and Medium Enterprises and Multinationals will be analyzed. International Business Strategy is about knowing why and how businesses go international. The subject evolves in the same way companies do: first taking the decision to go international, followed by the choice about where to export, and deciding the entry method. Then the company will eventually grow and will become a multinational and it will need to take several decisions that are examined in the course: which management model it adopts (multidomestic, global or transnational), how to organize and control its activities in the foreign markets, and how to create worldwide innovation and learning.

Course Content:

Introduction to the course subject, terminology and literature

Topic 1. The Decision to Go International: Motivations and Difficulties

Topic 2. The Selection of Foreign Markets

Topic 3. The Decision on the Entry Methods

Topic 4. The Management of the Multinational Company.

Final Project

Course Organization:

Lectures, individual assignments, case studies, group projects

Course Reading:

Beamish P., Bartlett Ch. (2013). Transnational Management: Text, Cases & Readings in Cross-Border Management. McGraw-Hill.

Verbeke, A. (2009). International Business Strategy, 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press.

Exam format:

Final exam will consist of multiple-choice questions to test the understanding of material presented in class.
In-Class, 90 min.

Grading Policy:

Final Project                        20 (10 written report + 10 presentation)
Case Studies and articles        25
Individual Performance           25
Final Exam                          30
Total:                                100

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