Public lecture of the Head of the architectural bureau "Studio 44" Nikita Yavein






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When:  November 14, 2016, 18:00


Where:  GSOM campus "Mikhailovskaya Dacha" (St. Petersburg highway, 109), room 1301


Language: Russian


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 About lecture

On November, 14, a public lecture of the Head of the architectural bureau "Studio 44" Nikita Yavein will be taken. The Topic is “Philosophy of reconstruction and new construction of the projects of "Studio 44".


The lecture is devoted to the ideology of project of GSOM SPbU suburban campus on the basis of park ensemble "Mikhailovskaya Dacha", and to the problem of a balance between the requirements of the federal monument of history and culture protection and the needs of the business school of the XXI century. The second part of the lecture will be dedicated to four projects that "Studio 44" was represented at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) competition in 2014 and 2015. This studio developed the "Olympic Park" in Sochi, the State Hermitage Museum complex in the General Staff Building, Dance Academy of Boris Eifman and the concept of reconstruction and development of the historical center of Kaliningrad. All these works are included in the short lists of the competition, and two of them received the highest award. Nikita Yavein will share impressions about the specifics of participation in the WAF, and his thoughts about the features of Studio 44 as the first Russian company - winner of this prestigious international competition.




 About the speaker


Yavein Nikita Igorevich


  • He was born in 1954 in Leningrad in the family of the architect I.G. Yavein
  • In the 1977 he graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • In 1977-1992 he worked at the State Design Institute
  • In 1992 he founded personal creative workshop
  • 1994 -2003 - Chairman of the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of St. Petersburg monuments
  • Since 2003 - Head of the architectural bureau "Studio 44"
  • He is laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1998) and the Award of the Government of the Russian Federation (2015) in the field of literature and art. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences and a member of the Town Planning Board of St. Petersburg. Nikita Yavein is a professor of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.
  • Nikita Yavein is an author  and co-authors of more than 100 projects.
  • Nikita Yavein is an author of GSOM SPbU suburban campus project  on the basis of park ensemble "Mikhailovskaya Dacha".



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 Time and place



When: November 14, 2016, 18:00


Where: GSOM campus "Mikhailovskaya Dacha" (St. Petersburg highway, 109), room 1301



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