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In-company SWOT analysis


The annual project "SWOT-analysis of the company" is an essential part of the study program "Management" of Graduate School of Management SPbU. Every year about 15 companies accept approximately 150 GSOM students. The companies involved in this project represent different industries and various business models. Such kind of experience contributes a lot in receiving practical skills that help students in future employment. During the SWOT analysis project students receive the opportunity to interact with the company managers and practice their ability to conduct a business research.
A company should appoint at least one employee for the project coordination. A company should be ready to provide students with the relevant information for the successful completion of the project (in certain cases, a coordinator of a project from GSOM SPBU and a company signs an agreement regarding the secrecy of information provided). 
In order toparticipate in the project, please contact the GSOM SPBU Career Center.