Programme Directors, Master Programs


Study Affairs Office, Master Programs

  Admission to Master Programs




Master Programmes Office



Irina V. Kuznetsova


Director, Master Programmes


Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-48 add. 7060

Elena V. Orlova


Manager - Language Coordinator for CEMS, Candidate of Science (Psychology)

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-48 add. 7060




Programme Directors, Master Programmes





Olga N. Alkanova


Academic Director, Master Program (Master in Management), Candidate of Science (Economics) 

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-48 add. 613


Egor D. Nikulin


Academic Director, Master Program (Master in Corporate Finance), Candidate of Science (Economics)


Olga V. Makarova


Academic Director, Double Degree Master Programs, Candidate of Science (Economics)



Ekaterina V. Sokolova


Academic Director, Master Program (Master in Public Administration), Candidate of  Sciences , Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration


M. Deniz Dalman 


Academic Director, CEMS Program, PhD




Study Affairs, Master Programmes 



Olga V. Plotnikova


Deputy Head of Study Affairs

2d Floor, Office 202

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-49 add. 411

Daria V. Maslikova


Acting Head of Study Affairs, Master Programs, 

manager, CEMS coordinator

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-48 add. 868




Irina V. Dimakova


 Manager for Teaching Schedule

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-48 add. 894


Jana V. Khramova


Manager (1st year)

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-48 add. 419


Anna A. Gasanova


Manager, Study Affairs, Master Programmes

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-48













Liliya D. Aleeva


Manager, Master Programs Office   







Admission to Master in Management Programmes





Deputy Head of Admission (Field of Management), Candidate of Science (Phycology)


 Snezhana A. Romadanova


Manager for Marketing and Admission

Phone number:

+7 (812) 323-84-49 add. 470

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