Admission to Doctoral Program in 2017

Admission to SPbSU Doctoral program is conducted in 2017 г. in accordance with “Rules and Regulations to Principal Educational Programs of Post Graduate Professional Education (Doctoral Program) of Saint-Petersburg State University in 2017”, which will be published on SpbSU official web-site


Admission Terms:

  • The Russian Federation citizens who possess a higher education degree are enrolled to the positions financed from the Federal budget on a competitive basis;
  • The rights equal to rights of the Russian Federation citizens are granted to:
    - citizens of the former USSR Republics in accordance with equal rights agreements and in-depth integration treaties;
    - persons not granted Russian citizenship, residents of the Russian Federation, if providing documents confirming the fact of their permanent living at the territory of the Russian Federation;
    - persons, used to be the USSR citizens, and their descendants in accordance with Federal Law dated May 24th, 1999 No. 99-ФЗ “On the State Politics of the Russian Federation Concerning Compatriots Abroad”;
  • Foreign citizens, including the CIS citizens, as well as persons used to be the USSR citizens and their descendents are enrolled to the SPbSU Doctoral Programs on the basis of international treaties and intergovernmental agreements as well as on the basis of SPbSU contracts stipulating a cost of education. 


Alongside with the budget admission for the Russian citizens and foreign citizens, a non-budget contractual admission is conducted. A fee for the SPbSU Doctoral Program study per 2016-2017 academic year  is equal to 440 000 RUR (Russian citizens) and 445 000 (foreign ones).
Entrance exams: Philosophy, English, Proficiency Exam.


Documents for Admission:

The documents to be provided to SPbSU admission board:


  • Application of admission in the name of SPbSU Rector (filled out in Doctoral Program office).
  • Copy of state diploma of higher professional education.
  • Transcript for the diploma with a list of all disciplines and grades (original) and a copy of transcript.
  • Personal data list (printed on both sides).
  • Questionnaire for foreign citizens (printed on both sides).
  • 2 Photos (3х4).
  • List of published research papers (upon availability).
  • Certificate of Qualifying Exams for admission to Doctoral Program (Form 2.2) (if there is any).
  • Copy of military registration documents (for male students).
  • Summary of research paper (Requirements to Summary of research paper in a prospective subject and a sample of a front page for post-graduate students entering Doctoral Program).
  • Essay in English based on a subject of prospective research paper (5 pages approximately).
  • CV
  • Statement of motivation for entering Doctoral Program.


Interview with Doctoral Program Applicants 2017

The Interview with the Doctoral Program applicants is to be held in August 2017. Address: Volkhovsky pereulok, 3, office 315. For foreign applicants there will be a possibility to hold interviews via skype. 


Entrance Exams:

Entrance exams are to be held in August 2017. Exact dates will be announced later.  

To receive questions of Doctoral Program entrance examinations for 2017 apply to Doctoral program office. See Doctoral program office contacts here


Terms of Accepting Documents in 2017:

Terms of accepting documents to the GSM Doctoral Program will be announced in Spring 2017.

Summary of research paper should be provided to Doctoral Program office (room 317) not later than 1 week prior to termination of documents acceptance with an indication of the name of a prospective research advisor. 


Part-time Doctoral Program Course:

Instruction of part-time Doctoral Program course students aiming to attain a degree of Doctor of science in Economics area is managed in SPbSU GSOM. Only a candidate with at least 2 years of experience in a chosen specialization is liable to admission to a part-time Doctoral Program Course. Documents from such applicants are accepted all the  academic year long. Budgetary bases of studying at the Part-time Doctoral Program Course is liable only for persons employed by bodies of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science or by state organizations. Alongside with admission on the budget bases, a non-budgetary contractual admission to additional positions at the Program is conducted. A cost of 1 year of studying at Part-time Doctoral Program Course was equal to 165 000 RUR whithn the academic year of 2016-2017. Please contact Scientific Research Office ( for more details. 


List of Documents for Admission to Part-time Doctoral Program Course:

  • Application of admission in the name of SPbSU Rector (filled out in Doctoral Program office) verified by Department Chair and prospective research advisor, Dean and Vice-rector.
  • Copy of state diploma of higher professional education.
  • Transcript to the diploma with list of all disciplines and grades (original) and a copy of transcript.
  • Personal data list (printed on both sides) verified at candidate’s place of employment or university of graduation.
  • A copy of employment record book (verified at candidate’s place of employment).
  • Summary of research paper (confirmed by a prospective research advisor).
  • СV.
  • Certificate of Qualifying Exams for admission to Doctoral Program (upon availability).
  • Extract from Protocol of the Department meeting with an indication of:
    • Recommendations for acceptance to the Department as a Doctoral Program candidate
    • Prospective research advisor
    • Prospective subject of the research paper.
  • 2 Photos (3х4)
  • Statement of motivation for entering Doctoral Program.
  • Statement of research paper subject. 

Office Hours of Admission Board:

Documents for admission to Doctoral Program will be accepted in June-August 2017. Precise terms will be announced in Spring 2017. 

Documents are accepted in the address: Volkhovskiy per. 3, office 317.


Reception Hours:

Monday 10.00 - 18.00

Tuesday 10.00 - 18.00

Wednesday 10.00 - 18.00

Thursday 10.00 - 18.00

Friday 10.00 - 17.00

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