Problems and Challenges of PPP/PFI Projects in Japan







About the lecture

About the speaker


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When: 7 April, at 14:45


Duration: 3 hours


Where: GSOM SPbU, downtown campus (Volkhovskiy,3), room 309


The event is recommended for: students in the field of public administration and management; public and municipal authorities, private companies working in PPP sector


Language: Russian


Terms of participation: Open for students, alumni, professors and staff of GSOM SPbU



 About the lecture

April, 7  a seminar on topic “Problems and Challenges of PPP/PFI Projects in Japan”


The seminar “Problems and Challenges of PPP/PFI Projects in Japan”, organized by Japan Center for Development of Trade and Economic Relations and the Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU, is relevant for students interested in this topic, as well as for specialist in the field of PPP participating in PPP projects or planning to participate under “private initiative”. History of PPP development in Japan originates in 1999 from the start of application of private finance initiative and adoption of the relevant law. Ever since PPP in Japan has developed rapidly, giving a life to an average of 40-50 projects per year.  As for tempo of PPP development, Japan is not inferior even to Great Britain, PFI birthplace. Without doubt, acknowledgment with Japan experience in PPP will be useful for further successful implementation of PPP projects in Russia.


Following issues will be considered during the seminar:

  • General issues of PPP: definition, PPP models, allocation of risks between public and private partners, different spheres of PPP application;
  • History of formation and situation with PPP in Japan;
  • PPP problems in Japan;
  • PPP challenges in Japan.



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 About the speaker



About the speaker: YOSHIDA Jin


YOSHIDA Jin is engaged in research of PPP system in Asia (particularly, in developing countries, such as Myanmar, etc.), research of infrastructure, logistics and etc.


April 2006, Daiwa Institute of Research, Equity Research Dept.


June 2009, Director, Daiwa Institute of Research, Asian Business Development Dept.


2013-2015, Member of “Asian PPP study group” in Hitotsubashi University


Ph.D. in Phisics



 Time and place



When: 7 April, at 14:45


Duration:  3 hours


Where: GSOM SPbU, downtown campus (Volkhovskiy,3), room 309



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Senior Researcher, Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU


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