Drucker Awards XXI





About the event

Time and place







When: 31st of May, 18:00


Duration: 4-4,5 hours


Where: Concert Hall “Kolizey” (Nevsky pr.,100)


Language: Russian


Terms of participation: *registration is obliging, available for everyone




 About the event

*31.05* состоится *Drucker Awards XXI*


* The Peter Drucker Award Ceremony is one of the main events in life of Graduate School of Management Saint Petersburg University which unites students, professors and graduates, as well as business community representatives. The statuette given to the winners is a symbol of leadership acknowledgement, capacity to creative approach, ability to work in a team, responsibility and other features needed to become a successful manager.


The history of the Ceremony began with an initiative of students from Graduate School of Management SPbU in 1995. They started not only a corporate tradition but also gave an opportunity to anyone to have a direct relationship with the business school to show themselves from an unexpected side.*



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 Time and place



Terms of participation:  * registration is obliging, available for everyone via link


When:  31st of May, 18:00

Duration:  4-4,5 hours

Where:  Concert Hall “Kolizey” (Nevsky pr.,100)



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