Key Data


When:  2 November 2017



Where:  St. Petersburg, Volkhovsky pereulok, 3, room 306



To Whom: managers involved in ethics management (PR, marketing, HR, compliance), business ethics teachers, students and graduate students



Language:  Russian, English













About Event

We invite managers involved in the management of business ethics (PR, HR, compliance, marketing, CSR, etc.) to participate in the discussion of the Russian Business Ethics Network concept and new projects in the field of business ethics.


These projects are interesting for companies that want to:

  • talk about their achievements in this field and strengthen their reputation as the leader of business ethics in the Russian market,
  • participate in the development and testing of new methods for managing the ethics of business (ethical decision-making, ethics education, measurement of ethics, etc.), as well as new training materials on business ethics for Russian universities
  • promote the principles of ethical business in Russia


At the beginning of the conference, Geert Demuijnck (President of the European Business Ethics Network) and German Granda (Director of Foretica) will talk about the experience of leading European business ethics associations in implementing various projects for business and universities.


Then a round table will be held for managers of companies: Maxim Storcheva (the founder of the Russian Business Ethics Network) will talk about the concept of the Russian Association of Business Ethics and its projects for 2018-2019, then the participants of the round table will be able to express their opinion on the proposed projects in terms of the current problems of Russian companies in the field of business ethics. Representatives of Megafon, Marriott, Philip Morris International, EY, Fazer, TELE2, Baltika, IKEA, Copper, Teplocom and others will speak.




Geert Demuijnck

president of EBEN, PhD, Professor in Business Ethics, EDHEC Business School


German Granda

Foretica (Director General)




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Storchevoy A. Maxim

Senior Lecturer, Department of Strategic and International Management







Rucheva Alina


Manager, Research Support Department







The event starts:

Time and place



When:  November 2017

Where: St. Petersburg, Volkhovsky pereulok, 3, room 306