Books24x7 is an extensive e-book collection in the areas of business, finance and IT. It comprises 6 book and video collections:

The BusinessPro collection covers all key business and management topics, with content from the leading business publishers. These include Jossey-Bass, Harvard Business School Publishing, Oxford University Press, the Project Management Institute and many more. BusinessPro offers access to full text  books covering topics such as Career Development, Business Ethics, Time Management & Productivity, Corporate Case Studies & Interviews, Finance & Accounting, Investments, Operations Management, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management & Leadership, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Management Consulting, Marketing & Sales, Brand Management, Customer Relationship Management/CRM, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Social Responsibility.

FinancePro allows instant access to a variety of financial and accounting information. With content from top publishers such as John Wiley and Financial Executives Research Association, FinancePro offers access to full text finance books covering topics such as accounting, auditing, investing, taxation, real estate, risk management, and much more.

ITPro provides fully searchable, full-text electronic versions of books on networking, programming languages, desktop and office applications, the Web, computer hardware and software, databases and other information technology topics. Included are hundreds of "best-of-breed" books from publishing leaders such as MIT Press, Microsoft Press, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Que, Sams, Sybex and Wiley.

ExecBlueprints is an executive-focused collection that provides best practices insight on strategic business issues, helping to formulate planning and action. Providing unique perspectives from industry leaders, the ExecBlueprints collection helps executives stay current and informed on those issues that have a direct impact on success.

ExecSummaries offers high level, succinct overviews of today's leading business books that provide cutting edge ideas that are shaping today's business environment.

Leadership Development Channel is a global solution (available in multiple languages, yet not all programs are available in all languages) with a unique collection of on demand programs (videos) in multiple learning formats featuring best-selling business authors, experts and CEOs, who can have the biggest impact in motivating and challenging the thinking of learners.


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