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  eBooks on ScienceDirect comprise high-quality selected titles published from 1995 to present. These include scientific and technical books spanning 18 subject areas, as well as books from renowned imprints including Pergamon and Academic Press. For GSOM students and staff 13 subject collections are available:

1.Business, Management, Hospitality and Tourism 2007 Title List
2.Business, Management, Hospitality and Tourism 2008  Title List
3.Business, Management, Hospitality and Tourism 2009  Title List
4.Business, Management, Hospitality and Tourism 2010  Title List
5.Computer Science 2011 Title List
6.Finance 1995-2006   Title List
7.Finance 2008  Title List
8.Finance 2009  Title List
9.Finance 2010  Title List
10.Finance 2011  Title List
11.Mathematics 2008  Title List
12.Mathematics 2009  Title List
13.Mathematics 2010  Title List


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